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- Felix Schlegel

- Nicolas Stoetter


Limitation of liability:

Digital Education Group GmbH accepts no responsibility for the topicality, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information contained on its website. Liability claims against DEG Digital Education GmbH for any of the following reasons will be excluded as long as DEG Digital Education GmbH can reasonably demonstrate that they are not responsible for any faults: 

  • inclusion of offensive materials

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To the best of our ability and to such an extent as is possible for a public access internet site, DEG Digital Education GmbH will respect data protection rights of individuals and companies who collaborate with DEG Digital Education GmbH  (emails addresses, names, and addresses). Any such data, which is provided to DEG Digital Education GmbH   is done so completely upon a free-will basis and with the prior consent of the individuals concerned. The rights and payment of services offered to DEG Digital Education GmbH are -as much as is technically possible- protected data. This includes anonymous publications and writers writing under a pseudonym. The use and supply of publicly available contact details and information such as addresses, email addresses, telephone or fax numbers which are supplied through third parties are not protected.